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What you need to know about all things moving supplies for your – Storage Ballarat!

Forget about scrounging out the back of the local hardware or supermarket for flimsy, used cartons. If your belongings are valuable enough to store; then make sure you store them safely for as long as needed!

Simply put, let us at Advanced Self Storage help you out! Our purpose made, sturdy cartons in two handy sizes will be strong enough to stack (so you can maximise space) and they will withstand the test of time.

Who has the energy to discover a collapsed, messy, damaged heap of your belongings strewn around your storage unit because the freebie second hand box gave way?

When considering moving supplies it is a great idea to get both small and large moving cartons:

The Large Tea Chest boxes (that’s what we call them in the storage biz) are best for:

  • bulky items
  • But do not fill these large boxes with heavy items, they’ll be impossible to lift!!
  • Linen, clothing, toys, kitchen items such as Plastic containers, utensils etc

The Smaller Wine/Book boxes are best for:

  • you guessed it: Wine and Books!!
  • But also; crockery and glassware

Useful to have on-hand:

  • Permanent marker – clearly write which room the contents belong to and summarise what is in the carton. Movers/Friends/Family can then deposit the cartons in the right spot on moving day, saving time and effort!
  • Fragile Tape or Stickers: These bright warning stickers will (hopefully) ensure delicate items are handled with care.
  • Heavy duty packing tape – the cellotape used for Christmas wrapping will not do the job. Invest in packing tape = Strong and most importantly Sticky: the carton will stay together and the closed lid protects your items from dust.
  • Packing tape Gun: don’t waste time and your patience loosing the end of the tape! A tape gun will speed up the process of putting together and sealing cartons as the gun has a handy cutting edge (but keep the kids away, as it is sharp)
  • Bubble Wrap – we sell rolls of short and long lengths of bubble wrap (see the middle picture above).  Bubble wrap will protect items from bumps during transport and will protect items from dust as well.  If you aren’t using bubble wrap, you can utilise tea towels, sheets, pillow cases and bath towels.

All these Moving Supplies are available on-site at our “one stop packing shop” in Wendouree

Give us a call to arrange a convenient time to pick up your Moving Supplies 0419 374 393