Great places to eat in Ballarat

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Finding great places to eat in Ballarat is important when you want to come up for a vacation, and you will notice that all these places offer a variety of food that you will truly enjoy. You want to find diverse places to eat that will feed you great food, and you will find yourself falling in love with their ambience and menus. You might get to know the staff, and you can come back any time you want. Here are our favourite restaurants in the area.

Thai Food

Brown Grain Thai

Brown Grain Thai is a traditional Thai restaurant in Ballarat that offers all your favourites. This restaurant is interesting because it helps you have all the Thai favourites made by someone from the old country. This alone makes for a great experience, and you will want to try each item on the menu at least once. You can change your protein, get the dishes made hot, and add some coconut soup to make the perfect meal.

Thai Restaurant | Advanced Self Storage Ballarat
Image by: Brown Grain Thai Restaurant



Kambei Japanese

Ballarat’s Kambei Japanese is the place that you come when you want to have something made on the grill or get the sushi that you have fallen in love with. You could order from both menus if you want, and you will be happy to sit down at the grill if that is the experience you want. You might sit near the sushi bar so that you can have the intimate experience that makes sushi worth it.

Japanese Restaurant Ballarat | Fort Knox Storage Ballarat
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This is a Spanish place that will do much more than serve you hot fare. It will let you have an opportunity to change the way that you eat because you are eating authentic Spanish cuisine that comes from the old world. You can drink Spanish wine and have traditional cocktails, and you get that nice atmosphere that comes along with a sophisticated design. You will notice that this Ballarat restaurant offers variations on the dishes that you expected, and you get a new take on what traditional Spanish food is.

Spanish Restaurant | Advanced Self Storage Ballarat
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Red Pepper

Red Pepper is the place that will serve you all the hottest dishes you could imagine in Ballarat, and it does so from a typically South American menu. You can have food that will get your attention, and it will be served in a simple atmosphere that is fun for the whole family. You could bring a date here for a relaxed meal, and you might want to have a meal here when you want to learn about all the unique dishes on their menu.

Red Pepper Restaurant Ballarat | Advanced self Storage Ballarat
Image by: Trip Adviser

Traditional Hotel


Oscar’s is a traditional bar and diner that sits in a hotel. Everyone should have this experience just once because it helps them feel like they are partaking of the old hotel bars that were in every establishment. You could come here when you want to have nothing more than a drink, or you could come to Oscar’s when you want to sit down to some comfort food that you cannot get anywhere else. Oscar’s is the kind of place that helps take you back to another time and place.

Oscar Hotel | Advanced Self Storage Ballarat
Image by: Trip Adviser