Home Storage Hacks

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, it can sometimes seem like there’s no room for your belongings. Fortunately, there are a few storage hacks that you can use to provide more space in your home so that you don’t have to get rid of the things that you still enjoy. Many of these hacks, from Advanced Self Storage Ballarat, involve utilising items that you already have at home.

Home Storage hacks | Advanced Ballarat Self Storage

Kitchen racks

The kitchen racks that are collecting dust in your home or that don’t seem to have a use can be used for storing small clutches and purses that you have. You can also stack pot-holders on these racks. If you fold towels and sheets in a way that they are thicker, then you can arrange them on the rack in a linen closet. Kitchen items that are sometimes kept on these racks, as well as items that don’t use all the time in the home, can be kept in a Self Storage Ballarat unit. Spice racks can be painted and customised to store fingernail polish bottles and other makeup items.

Storage Hacks | Self Storage Ballarat


You’ve probably seen pegboards in garages or basements for hanging tools. The same pegboards can be hung in any room of your home to store everything from purses to baskets. Longer hooks work well with pegboards so that you have additional space for items that can hang. Bulky items that don’t fit on the boards and that take up too much space in your home can be taken to a Self Storage Ballarat unit for later use.

Peg Boards | Self Storage Ballarat

Old containers

Instead of throwing away plastic containers, such as those that had wet wipes in them or even food containers, wash them out so that they can be used for other items in your home. A wet wipes container can be transformed into storage for trash bags or diaper pail liners. Tall containers can be kept on counters to hold everything from makeup brushes to cooking utensils.

Storage Containers | Self Storage Ballarat

Shoe organisation

If you have a lot of shoes, then you probably see that they take up a lot of space on the floor. Install crown moulding on closet doors to act as a shoe rack. Pant hangers can also be used to hang boots and taller shoes in your closet, keeping them off the floor. You can then use the extra space on the floor for boxes and other items that you want to keep in your home.