Organising Furniture Storage Ballarat

Make the most of your Self Storage unit at Ballarat Advanced Self Storage!

Follow these tips to get your storage space sorted:FOLLOW OUR TIPS TO ORGANISE YOUR FURNITURE STORAGE SPACE:

  • Make a list/inventory of your items you are storing
  • Consider how often you will access your unit- this determines how you should pack the storage space. Keep items you will need to regularly access near the front of your unit!
  • Forget the flimsy ‘hand me down’ boxes – use sturdy boxes which can be stacked (maximise your space)
  • Close and seal your cartons to protect your belongings from dust
  • Label a side or an end of the carton so you can easily read- regardless of how they are stored in your unit.
  • Clearly mark FRAGILE boxes
  • Place heavy boxes at the bottom of each stack
  • Leave an aisle/space between rows of goods to allow easy access to your goods
  • Dismantle furniture – you will save space in your unit. Store bolts/nuts/screws in a labelled zip-lock bag and tape it to the item.
  • Utilise spaces inside cupboards/wardrobes
  • Place a wedge in fridge/freezer doors to stop mildew

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