Things To Do In Ballarat


If you are planning a trip to Victoria, you should definitely take the time to Explore Ballarat. Ballarat is the largest inland city that Victoria has to offer, and it is a thriving metropolis with a unique heritage. When you Explore Ballarat today, you can find a mixture of its history combined with art, wine, beer and many events. Here is an Advanced Self Storage Ballarat guide on things to do in Ballarat.


Explore Ballarat’s Unique History

Sovereign Hill

Gold Museum Ballarat

With the discovery of gold in 1851, Ballarat was transformed into a major settlement. Gold miners flocked to Ballarat and its surrounding fields. You can experience the decade after gold was discovered in Ballarat by visiting Sovereign Hill. Sovereign Hill is an outdoor museum that is filled with people in full costume wandering along Main Street. You are able to tour a real gold mine and pan for gold when you visit. When night falls, be sure and stay for the “Blood on the Southern Cross” light show, which commemorates the Eureka Rebellion of the area gold miners, which is considered to be the beginning of Australia’s democracy and the only armed uprising in the country’s history.

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Celebrate Art and Architecture

Art Gallery of Ballarat & More


As you Explore Ballarat, make certain to explore the city’s art and architecture. The oldest provincial Australian art gallery is located in Ballarat. The Art Gallery of Ballarat offers free daily tours at 2 p.m. and features works by many noted Australian artists along with colonial art. The gallery was initially established in 1884, and the building is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. After exploring the gallery, you can stroll along the streets to see numerous examples of Edwardian and Victorian homes lining the streets.

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Enjoy Culinary Delights, Wine and Craft Beer

Catfish, Mitchell Harris & Hop Temple

Mitchell Ballarat Ballarat

Ballarat is home to an exciting culinary scene, and the restaurant that has achieved the most acclaim is Catfish. Led by chef Damien Jones, Catfish serves up delicious Thai cuisine. If you are unable to secure a reservation, the restaurant offers takeout so that you can still enjoy the delectable dishes. After sampling the menu at Catfish, head over to Mitchell Harris to drink some wine from across the region. Mitchell Harris offers both wines by the glass and wine tastings that you can pair with locally sourced produce. You can also opt to head to the Hop Temple to drink some delicious craft beer. The Hop Temple is located inside of a former warehouse and offers 200 different types of beer and 16 craft beers on tap. It also has a menu that includes po’boys, smoky barbecue and creamy mac ‘n’ cheese.

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Visiting Ballarat can offer a look into Australia’s gold mining days and its birth into the democracy that it is today. The city also offers art, culture, wine, craft beer and much more to explore. Ballarat should definitely be included in your itinerary when you plan to visit Victoria.

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