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all about moving supplies – Storage Ballarat

What you need to know about all things moving supplies for your – Storage Ballarat! Forget about scrounging out the back of the local hardware or supermarket for flimsy, used cartons. If your belongings are valuable enough to store; then make sure you store them safely for as long as needed! Simply put, let us...
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TOP TIPS FOR MOVING by Ballarat Advanced Self Storage

Whether it’s your first move or fifteenth move, there’s no denying it’s a big job! Check out our top tips to make it a little easier: Have a really good clear out = less to move!  Get rid of anything you don’t need – sounds obvious right? but take some time to think – have...
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Secure Storage Unit Ballarat – how and why

Make sure you ask questions and make observations before you decide which Self Storage facility meets your needs. Check that the following features are included when considering different storage options: Do you see security cameras installed? Is there a monitor in the reception area? There is a difference! Monitored alarms linked to a security company...
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organize self storage Ballarat

Tips for organising your self-storage unit

Make a list/inventory of your items you are storing Consider how often you will access your unit – this determines how you should pack the storage space. Keep items you will need to regularly access near the front of your unit! Forget the flimsy ‘hand me down’ boxes – use sturdy boxes which can be...
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Covid-19 Update

Just wanted to let you know we are Open for business during this difficult time. You can phone us on 0419 374 393 to discuss your Self Storage needs and obtain a quote. We have been busy with lots of new Caravan storage customers and motor home storage clients -given that travel is no-go at...
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Christmas Tree

Decorate Your Home for Christmas | Self Storage Ballarat

With the holidays fast approaching, Christmas songs are playing on the radio and little kids are writing their letters to Santa. Everyone embraces the season in a unique way, but most people like to demonstrate holiday spirit through home decor. Traditionally, most people put up some kind of tree to commemorate the holiday, but there...
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Storage Hacks | Advanced Self Storage Ballarat

Home Storage Hacks

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, it can sometimes seem like there’s no room for your belongings. Fortunately, there are a few storage hacks that you can use to provide more space in your home so that you don’t have to get rid of the things that you still enjoy....
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choice of 4 unit sizes: 3m x 3m / 3m x 4.5m / 3m x 6m / 3x x 9m 7-day access individual unit alarms electronically controlled and monitored gates free use of enclosed trailer for move in business records storage complimentary shelving available for business records storage. Terms and conditions: Valid for new customers...
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Self Storage Ballarat

Uses For Your Spare Room | Storage Ballarat

If there’s a room in your home that sits empty, this can be a good problem as there are a few different ways to use the extra space with the help of Advanced Self Storage Ballarat. When you make a plan for how to use the extra room, you can reduce the clutter that you have...
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