TOP TIPS FOR MOVING by Ballarat Advanced Self Storage

Whether it’s your first move or fifteenth move, there’s no denying it’s a big job! Check out our top tips to make it a little easier:

Have a really good clear out = less to move!  Get rid of anything you don’t need – sounds obvious right? but take some time to think – have I used this item in the last six months? Put aside any items you could sell. You might not have the time for a garage sale (or the energy!) but Facebook marketplace or Gumtree could be worth a go.

Research Removalists:  Just like researching Self Storage facilities, there are things to consider other than just price and location when committing to a moving company.  If possible, meet in person, read reviews and make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Make a “to do” list:

This will clear your mind so you can get some (much needed) sleep! Don’t forget to add:   Mail re-direction, give notice to utility companies and cancel subscriptions etc

Pack a moving day box   Include the following:

– Baby/young kids essentials, Pet food, pet bedding

– First night essentials/Overnight bag – medications, important paperwork

-Bottles of water


-Hand soap, toilet roll, wipes, hand towel

-Phone charger, important documents

-basic tools, scissors, packing tape

Label boxes clearly – you’ll thank yourself later!!

You might choose to colour code (a colour for each room or zone), number boxes, but whatever you choose make it clear (and detailed) as you will save time in the long run by making things easier to find!

Label Fragile items clearly, Wrap crockery in tea towels, pillow cases, sheets etc – you can also use bubble wrap.

Defrost the fridge and clean it at least a day before moving

You may move straight into your new place but you may need Self Storage Ballarat – whichever is the case Ballarat Advanced Self Storage is here to help: