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Tips for organising your self-storage unit

Make a list/inventory of your items you are storing Consider how often you will access your unit – this determines how you should pack the storage space. Keep items you will need to regularly access near the front of your unit! Forget the flimsy ‘hand me down’ boxes – use sturdy boxes which can be...
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Space Saving Hacks For Your Ballarat Home

  If you are running out of space in your Ballarat home, you don’t necessarily have to upgrade to something bigger. Rather than selling your house and moving to a bigger one—which may not even be an option—you can take steps to maximise the space that you already have. Read on to learn about a...
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Things To Do In Ballarat

  If you are planning a trip to Victoria, you should definitely take the time to Explore Ballarat. Ballarat is the largest inland city that Victoria has to offer, and it is a thriving metropolis with a unique heritage. When you Explore Ballarat today, you can find a mixture of its history combined with art,...
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